Friday, April 28, 2006

Last game of the season

It had to be the best game ever... but it could not be true... FC Utrecht, my favorite soccerteam, is no longer playing for a place in European soccer. Me was sad, but very proud last wednesday evening, because the boys played so well! Me liked the way everybody did there utmost best to show what a great team we have.

To bad we lost.

But hey, we always have next season. And Berry already has said yes to a new seasoncard, so... me is going to see FC Utrecht again next year. And who knows... maybe now we have this play-offs system, where all these teams are playing lousy for all year, except now, maybe... we have a good chance of becoming Champion!

Dare to dream!

Bye-bye for now!

Although it seems that Joost Broerse is making the goal - they gave him the credits for it in the stadion - it is new guy Rossini - also called Big Bird - behind him - not to see in the picture - who makes the 1-1. We eventually lost with 3 against 1. The picture is taken from FC

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