Friday, August 12, 2016

Get your trunk on for World Elephant Day

Everybody that know me, knows me love elephants. They are so beautiful and sweet. Me love how they find food with their trunks and uses very very low sounds (people no can hear them) to communicate with each other. When me visit a zoo with me best friend Berry, and there are elephants, we always pay them a visit. Me was there the day after little Madiba was born in Safaripark Beekse Bergen, a Dutch zoo with African elephants. And me always visit them at DierenPark Amersfoort where a group of Asian elephants live. Me love them. And that is why it makes me so mad – me even loose appetite for cookie – that there are people shooting elephants only for their tusks… (picture taken at DierenPark Amersfoort)

Pictures taken at Safaripark Beekse Bergen & Dierenrijk

Today it is World Elephant Day and me want to talk about how wrong it is to shoot elephants for their ivory tusks. We no need them. And yet, they are chased for it. Ivory is not magical, it is just a tooth. Just like the teeth in the mouth of humans. We no shoot humans for their teeth, now do we?

Me made a great friend on me Instagram, named Welephant the Elephant. Wellie – for friends – is a little elephant educating plushies and humans about how amazing elephants are. Because when we all see how beautiful they are and how amazing they are, maybe, just maybe we will be able to stop the poaching. That is why me is all TRUNKED UP in this picture, because Wellie asked me to help out. And me asked Wellie to help me out with this blog with some facts about elephants. And of course he wrote some good ones. Thank you Wellie!

Wellie’s Elephant Facts
A male African elephant can be as tall as a 1 story house!
Elephant families are maternal, males leave at about age 10, females stay together their entire lives.
When two elephant families that are related meet, they greet each other noisily, trumpeting, rumbling, really enthusiastically and touch trunks.
They know where to find water during the dry season and will dig using their tusks and front feet, creating wells that are often the only water to be found for miles and are used by all animals.
Elephants aren’t actually afraid of mice, but they are afraid of bees. Some farmers in Africa are now surrounding their field with beehives to keep the elephants out, protecting both their crops and the elephants! (picture of Wellie’s Instagram page)

Pictures taken at home – me own drawing & WILDLANDS


Dörte said...

Such a wonderful post - thanks for sharing it Cookie - I love elephants since ... can't remember - a very long long time.

Hugs to you & Berrie

Sarah Thornington said...

Wellie and I thank you for this wonderful post. Sorry we're so slow saying thanks!!! Elephants are such magical animals, they need all of the love and support they can get. Thanks for being on their side.