Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cookie Report from Bretagne – part I: La Mer

Bonjour mes amies! C’est moi, Macaron, avec un nouveau report de Cookie!

Well, that all the French me know. Uhm… no that not true. Me know also other French words like macaron (apparently that is also what the French call me instead of Cookie Monster), crêpe and also nommy gallets and pallets au buerre. It may not surprise you it is all yummy food me discovered during me vacation in France.
(pictures by Berry de Nijs)

Yes, me was away the last two weeks of July and me and me friends and family travelled to France. To Penmarc’h in Bretagne to be exact. And we saw lots of cool stuff. Me is going to tell you all about it in different blogs the coming weeks. Today me will talk about the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The holiday park we stayed at (me will tell all about that one next week) was right at the beach. We could walk to it – well me took a piggybackride, but you know what me mean – from the camping site, through the dunes and there she was… a breath taking big ocean.

We went to it almost every day at the end of the day to sit in the shell filled sand. Watching the sun lowering in the sky. See the waves roll onto the sand… it was beautiful. The best part was that our dog could run freely – without a leash – through the sand and the water. He no likes water very much, but his doggy friend does and at the end of the first hour our doggy went into the water to play too. It was so much fun. Ofcourse me and the gang (you know them from Instagram right) went to the beach for some fun too. Making a sand castle and taking a walk through the dunes.

In the dunes were some beautiful rock formations. Me had to sit on them on day, and when me did me had a gorgeous view over the ocean. Me love the beach and the sea and the thing me loved most? The beach was really clean! We no have found weird things like fishnets and stuff. That made me really happy.

Well, that was me first Vacation Blog about Bretagne – or Breihz as the locals call it. Next week me will talk about the camping site. It was a really cool place! See you soon.

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Dörte said...

Thanks so much for this lovely blog post and the wonderful pictures. I'm really looking forward to read more of your vacation, Cookie!

Hugs & Kisses
Dörte & Liam (of course)