Friday, August 26, 2016

Cookie Report from Bretagne – part III: Food & Drinks

Bonjour everybody! Me is back with me third part of me vacation blogs. Two weeks ago me started with me blog about the ocean and last week you could read more about Yelloh Village La Plage. This week – as me promised – me will talk a little more about the food and drinks we had. It not necessarily is all typical French, but it is vacation, so… it Holiday food and drinks. We start with the best thing: COOKIES! (pictures by Berry de Nijs)

You see, the particular section of Bretagne that we were at, is famous for its salted butter caramels and for its COOKIES! That enough right. Cookies. As long as there are Cookies during me vacation me is happy. But me never knew there would be these kind of Cookie stores in the world! In Pont L’Abbe there was this Cookie store and it was all Cookies, caramels, some local products, kitchen and home accessories, nougat and oh, did me mention it was packed with COOKIES? Berry really had to hold me tight, because me wanted to OM NOM NOM everything. Instead me stayed brave and she even bought me a bag of Cookies. Just for me…and me friends ofcourse. But oh boy oh boy, that was a fun place to visit. We went twice! And came home with lots and lots of Cookies… so nommy.

Well… after all those Cookies we also visited the little village of Plomeur (or Ploveur as it also said on the village name sign. They were celebrating the Fête du Crêpe: Party of Pancakes. French pancakes that is. They are really thin and sweet. Me loved it. For desert we had a thicker pancake with om nom nommy cherry jam! The party was accompanied by music on bagpipes and guitars. It was much fun!

At the holiday park we had some yummy treats too. We had bought some cakes at the Supermarché LeClerc. Had pizza, burgers and fish and chips from the Holiday Park take-out restaurant. And we had cookies and more. At the bar Berry bought me a cola flavoured slushie. Those are sooooo good. Especially when it’s hot. Like it was that day.

Me maybe a little Cookie Monster, but Bretagne is great as it comes to Cookies… Me want to go back there for sure! Next week though me will tell you more about the Zoo we visited. Because when there is a zoo nearby, Berry loves to check it out. We had fun there. But more about that, next week!

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Dörte said...

Oh Cookie - thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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