Friday, August 19, 2016

Cookie Report from Bretagne – part II: Camping fun

Last week me told you more about the ocean that was right behind the dunes, bordering the camping site we stayed at during our vacation in Bretagne, France. We stayed at Yelloh Village La Plage in Penmarc'h. A fun place with lots and lots to do. It was possible to play Tennis and Midget golf on the camping. There were parties and concerts. You could hire Go-Carts and lots more. Or just relax. Hey, it vacation. Me could do everything me want... this blog will tell you more about all the fun things me did. (pictures by Berry de Nijs)

Let’s start with the Swimming pool! There were two: an indoor deep bath where Berry went to swim lanes and play with her nephews. And an outside pool that was 1.30 meters deep at its deepest and 20 centimetres deep at its shallowest. There also was a little kiddie pool. Here it was easier to chill in the sunshine and play with a ball. It was so awesome – as you can see in the pictures above. We also had loads of fun playing putt-putt mini golf, also called midget golf. It really suited me, as most of the lanes were pretty in blue!

At the camping site there was an event square. This square outside of the bar and next to the pools was used for all kinds of entertainment. One night there was a cool band playing and we went there to listen and dance. But the most fun was the Foam Party. Yes you read it right! One day it was for children, with little foam and fun music. One time is was in the evening for everybody. It was not for me, me sat it out. But Berry went in the foam that was almost as high as her to dance to the beats of the DJ! She was soaked and had fun, and that was the most important thing!

We had a lovely little caravan slash vacation home to stay in during our vacation. Berry called it our Doll house, me not sure why because it was perfect for me. Me and me friends had a great bed that we shared with her and the table and chairs no were too high for us. O, maybe that is why Berry called it a Doll house then. Haha. It was small for her, but that no did matter. Most of the time we were at Berry her brothers home at the camping site. We played loads of games there or just relaxed. It was fun!

Well, that was me second blog about the vacation. Me sure hope you did like it again. Next week me will tell you more about the food and drinks we had and enjoyed! See you next time.


Dörte said...

Hi Cookie ���� thanks once again for sharing this with us - love the picture with the bed and the huge place for you & the plushie friends and the small one for Berry!

Hugs Dörte & Liam with the whole gang ����

Cookie Monster said...

Hi Liam & Dörte,

We shared the bed together we took a lot of space during the day but at night we shared. Honest ��

Big hugs
Cookie & Berry