Sunday, August 30, 2015

Texel part V: vacation slide show

Hello everybody. In June me went on a great vacation for 1 week to the Dutch Waddenisland Texel. Me wrote a few blogs about it - me thinks the people of Texel like them too, there have been some favored and retweeted on twitter! - and already showed some pictures. Here is a little recap of all the blogs (with the links) so you can re-read them whenever you like. But also me made a slideshow. Because hey, a vacation recap is not complete without a slideshow with holiday pictures. Me hope you enjoy it!

Vacation blog part I
The island Texel

Vacation blog part II
De Slufter

Vacation blog part III
Ecomare & Waddensafari

Vacation blog part IV
the ocean & the beach

Let me know what you think about me slideshow!

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