Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Vacation blog part I: The island Texel

Hello again! As you know, me – Cookie – has been on vacation to the Dutch Island Texel (you pronounce it as Tassle, but you can say Tex-el too). It is the largest of the Dutch Waddenislands. Me talked about them in Cookie’s Alphabet: W is for…. Texel is a very green island and you can encounter sheep almost at every meadow. But me saw much more there. That is why me is going to write a few blogs about me vacation. So me can tell you all about it. This week, a little bit about the towns and scenery on Texel

To get at Texel you must take the ferry. This is a huge boat where trucks, cars, caravans, campers and bikes fit in and you can travel from the mainland to the island. It is kinda like a cruiseship, but different. You can have a snack and coffee on board. Go to the bathroom. Sit at the deck and watch over the Waddensea… it is amazing. Me love it. After that we drove the car onto the island. Me loved it. It was sunny and there were meadows full of… sheep.

We stayed at De Koog, a very popular beachtown. We stayed at a bungalowpark in a beautiful house. Me loved the scenery, it was all so green and beautiful. Right behind the holidaypark there was a meadow with some sheep. And a nice little town with a shopping center. And a beach with dunes. And a large forest… Me loved it.

De Koog also has some nice statues me could pose with. Like a wooden one of a seal and a stone little sheep. Cute huh.

But there is much more to see on Texel. There is a town called Den Burg. It is the largest one and is build Medieval style (in a circle). Me loved to sniff around at the bakery – ofcourse. And we went to see the lighthouse at De Cocksdorp at the Northern point of the island. Also we could visit the beach there.

Well, this was part I of me Vacation blogs. Next week me will tell you more about de Slufter an amazing piece of nature where me really watched me googly eyes out.

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