Saturday, August 08, 2015

Caribbean Fun

Hello everyone. Here is me again with a fun Cookiereport. Today me visited the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk. It was awesome, because there was a Caribbean Night going on. Me could stay with me dolphin and walrus friends until 9 pm! Awesome huh. It was all sunny today and there was lots of cool music, real Caribbean. And beautiful dancers too. And you know me like to boogie. But me also made some new friends... well... me think me did. What do you think?

First me went to see the walruses and dolphins. They were really playful. This little one loved playing with a big ball. Me thought it was cute. Under the water we found some cooler air – it was hot today. Me think the dolphins loved me tropical shirt what do you think? They were very nosey at the glass.

But that was not all. The dancers also did a Limbo show and one of the girls even was a fire eater! That was a little scary, but she was really, really good!

Well, the whole Dolfinarium was in Tropical Caribbean atmospheres. No wonder the people were smiling and dancing. There was even a giant lobster – me thinks it was lobster – dancing around. But… me also encountered some other people from the Caribbean. Do you think Captain Jack Sparrow will save me from Davey Jones? Well… after the picture no harm was done. They took pictures with a lot of kids too. So me know me was safe. Savvy?

It was a lovely summer day again. And we closed it off with a beautiful sunset. Kinda reminded me of a big, orange cookie… om nom nom… Well… bye bye for now!

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