Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Zoo report: Zoo des 3 Vallées

Hey there! It is time for another blog about me awesome time in France. You know me love to hop along when Berry goes to the zoo right? Well, she found one just an hour and a half away from the place we were staying. So one Tuesday she picked me up – acting all giddy – grabbed her camerabag and she, me, her dad and her nephews went on this amazing road trip to Montredon-Labessonié to visit the amazing Zoo des 3 Vallées. In English you can say the zoo is called: Three Valleys Zoo.

After an exciting road trip through some very exciting small roads through the mountains, we arrived at this mountain site. After paying the entrance fee, we drove down the steep hill to the parking lot. After that, it was all downhill to the zoo. First we saw gorgeous birds of prey, cute meerkats, some chickens, colourful birds and sweet little coatis. We could not visit the recently arrived giraffes because they were too stressed out from their journey. But we could visit the gorgeous panorama site with a view over the African Savannah. O me is a little monster right, but me had never felt so little – and scared to fall in a habitat. The whole valley was reserved for Watusi buffalos, zebras, ostriches and more. As far as the eye could see animal were roaming free… that was amazing!

Me really looked me googly eyes out! From there it was all uphill to see the other animals. Me no mind, me was dangling on Berries back, looking at the cute gibbons, the little fennec fox with his gigantic ears, the duck chasing swans and all kinds of other animals, until we reached our destination: Plateau des Fauves. Well… Berry really wanted to go there, and when me arrived me understood why.

Plateau des Fauves means the plateau of the feline… We were greeted by this amazing lion statue (see the first picture) and after that me fell from one surprise to the next. First up me saw this beautiful relaxed lion family, just chillin in the sun. One lady was awake though, looking around at all the goodies watching her. After that me saw a Siberian tiger, a white tiger, a hyena, some cheetahs and gorgeous snow leopards. That was the reason Berry wanted to go to this zoo so much. We never have seen snow leopards before. They are so gorgeous! The other leopards (a clouded leopard amongst them) were too well hidden to gaze upon though.

After all these amazing sights, we went downhill again. Me saw a lot of smaller animals, like a skunk and some Asian otters. But there was a pair of white wolves at this zoo too. The two were there because they got saved by the people of the zoo. The wolfs came to live at the rehab center only a week before. They were treated for all kinds of wounds and other health issues. Me thought that is great of zoos. That they also help animals in need. One of the wolfs was very friendly and funny. But also because he (or she) did not know what to make of the turtle in the trench underneath his habitat.

After a long hike back (downhill, uphill…) we arrived at the car again. It was very tricky to get out of the zoo by the way. But Berries dad was driving and he pulled the car uphill in no-time. It was an exciting off road cross country trip back through the hills. We even had to stop for some sheep who were blocking the way back home. But it was all part of this amazing adventure. Me really loved this very young zoo. Me hope to visit it again someday.

Bye bye for now! And oh, by the way: all pictures are made by Berry de Nijs. Please do not use without our permission. Me love sharing, so just send an e-mail or drop a note okay. Thank you!
Now me gonna eat some cookies!

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