Friday, October 03, 2014

T is for…

…Teddybeer (teddy bear)! So soft and cuddly. Even Sammie (Berries puppy) loves to sleep with one. Equally soft but me not know how cuddly are tijgers (tigers). At DierenPark Amersfoort lives a family of five Siberian tigers. Me have posed with Ilya, Angara and one of the three cubs. Cute huh! Here in the Netherlands you also can eat tijgerbrood (tiger bread). No! No it is not made out of tigers! The crust is made in a certain way that it looks like stripes…

Me with Ilya, Angara and a little cub / Tijgerbrood
Above: teddybeer

Also starting with T is thee (tea) – see what me did there? – a hot drink the Dutch really enjoy. Just like coffee. Me love a cup of tea every once in a while with some cookies ofcourse. Or maybe a tompoes (millefeuille) or some taart (cake). Me love those too you know. Sometimes Berry bakes a cake looking like me… She says she feels guilty when she cuts it. Me only hope she is right.

Tompoes / Taart
Above: thee

Now me is talking about cakes, there are so much other yummy things starting with the letter T. Like taai taai (some kind of gingerbread cookies) a traditional Sinterklaas treat. Also yummy are toffee (toffee), tum tum candies (gumdrops) and a toverbal (jawbreaker). Om nom nom…

Taai Taai / Toffee
Tum Tums / Toverbal

Me will conclude the letter t with a real Dutch, national symbol: the tulp (tulip). It is from origin a Turkish flower, but the Dutch really cultivated it and made it a great symbol. You can get tulip bulbs everywhere. There are a lot of different colours and kinds. Me cannot eat them, but like them anyway.

Well, that was the letter T! Next week the letter U. O my, another 6 episodes to go and then the alphabet is through. Me is gonna enjoy them. Me hope you too.

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