Friday, October 17, 2014

V is for...

…Voetbal (European football or soccer)! It is a national sport here in the Netherlands. People are supporting their home teams or regional teams. Sometimes not. Then they are fans of another team or a bigger team. It can be crazy sometimes. Me love to hang out at FC Utrecht but mostly because Berry takes me with her. You can read more about it in me blog about the letter U! (Above: Voetbal)

V is also for vakantie (vacation or holiday). Me went on vakantie in August to France. Me have written some blogs about it. Just read them it was fun. Every country in the world by the way has a vlag (flag). The Dutch flag is red, white and blue. Me love the American Stars & Stripes too. But for me blog me show the flag of the Cook Islands. Too bad there aren’t any cookies on them…

Vakantie in France / vlag of the Cook Islands

There are also animals that start with the letter V in the Dutch language. Like vis (fish), vogel (bird) and ofcourse vlinder (butterfly). Me love to go to zoos to visit the butterfly gardens, fish tanks and the walk through bird habitats, because then you can see a lot of gorgeous animals up close.

Vogel at DierenPark Amersfoort / vlinder at a butterfly garden in Spain

You are probably wondering if there is any Dutch food starting with the letter V. And if you are not, me is going to tell you anyway. The answer is: Yes there is! Vla (also known as custard or flan) starts with V. It is very yummy. It is a dairy product, it kinda looks like yoghurt, but it is creamier and often sweeter. Vla is available in many colours and flavours. Even with chocolate chips! Did you know you can make a vlaflip (flan twist, it is the only translation me could think of) with vla? It is a desert made out of vla, yoghurt and some lemonade syrup (straight out the can, without the water). Sometimes it is decorated with some cookie crumbs or fruit. It is yummy.

Vla / Vlaflip

Last but not least there are some Dutch words with a V me love to share with you. First up is Vrijdag (Friday) the day me post me alphabet blogs. Just like everywhere else in the world the Dutch also thank God it is Friday. Another word me love is vriendschap (friendship). Me have many friends here and on Sesame Street! And me conclude letter V with verjaardag (Birthday). Hey! Me love birthdays. They always come with cake.

Vriendschap / Verjaardag (pictures by Sesame Street Workshop)

Well that concludes the letter V. Only four alphabet episodes left. With next week a letter me can say a lot about: W!

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