Friday, February 06, 2015

Warm Sweater Day

Hello! Have you all got a sweater, jumper or cardigan on today? It is Warm Sweater Day in the Netherlands. It is a way to ask for extra attention for the global warming in the world. By turning down the heat – and putting on some sweaters or such – we can save energy and the planet. Every year on the first Friday of February Greenchoice asks all Dutch to participate. Most of the time wearing a sweater isn’t extra luxury, it can be really cold! Like today. Me is so happy Berry knitted me a sweater. Now me is only blue because of me natural fur color, and not because me is cold. Happy Warm Sweater Day everybody!

Do you wanna know more about Warm Sweater Day (Warme Truien Dag) and you can read Dutch? Check:

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