Monday, December 29, 2014

1001 Inventions and 1 great Elephant clock

Hello everybody. Here is me again. Me had a really great Christmas. You did see all the updates on me Facebook right? If you don’t, you should follow me there too. A well, me had great Christmas… but before that me promised on Facebook again to talk about some special things me had seen with me friend Berry. For her job she sometimes needs to travel to this cool locations. Yeah yeah. There see can see all kinds of stuff and later on, she writes about it on her Dutch blog. Me on the other hand can write about it here. So to kick off again, me will talk about the traveling exhibition called 1001 Inventions, the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization (wow tough word).

You can find the exhibit in Post Rotterdam, an old postal office in Rotterdam, where me also went to see the Living Dinosaurs exhibit at the beginning of the year. This time the old postal office was turned into a magical world with living paintings where scientists (male and female) motioned me to come closer, so they could tell their stories to me. It felt a little like talking to one of the paintings in a Harry Potter movie. The scientists all spoke English, me liked that, and the rest of the exhibit was in Dutch. Me especially loved the huge Elephant Clock that was standing at the heart of the exhibition room. This clock runs on water! And it is always on time. It was made from bits and pieces of all kinds of countries. The Elephant Clock at the exhibit wasn’t the original one though, but it was impressive nevertheless.

Me learned a lot that day. Do you know why this is the number 1 and this is the number 7? Well, they were written with corners, and every number has the same amount of corners as the number stands for. Like 1 corner for the number 1 and 3 for the number 3. And did you know there are English words that come from Arabian words? Me did not know that too.

If you can read Dutch, you can find more information and pictures at Writing Berries.

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