Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Cookie on Safari: Giraffe encounter

Me have been away a lot and very busy, but now me is back with some nice stories to tell. Me tagged along to Safaripark Beekse Bergen on November 20th. That was really fun and me will tell you me sweet readers all about that in a few separate blogs. Yes, because the park is so big me want to focus on small bits instead.

Starting with the best bit: the car safari.

The Safaripark in Hilvarenbeek, Noord-Brabant is a park specialized in African animals. Most animals that live at this zoo have cousins living in Africa. But there are some other animals representing other continents too. But most of the animals… well you catch me drift right. So the park is so huge there are different ways to explore it all. By foot, by bus, by boat and by car. It is recommended that whenever you want to visit this zoo you take a bus or car safari and a walking safari. That way you really will see all the animals. Because some you can only see by car/bus, some only by boat and some only by walking. Neat huh!

So, me went on a car safari first. That is really cool. And because it was a Thursday it was really quiet at the park. Meaning me could really see all the animals really close. With the car safari you drive your own car (me was not driving don’t worry) through the plains. There are a few rules though:
1. Do not open your windows
2. Do not open your car doors
3. By all means STAY inside the car
4. Stay on the road
5. Respect the Animals
6. Have fun!

For me own safety we locked the doors and windows and drove quietly through the gate. First me saw amazing lions in the morning mist, me saw spotted dogs, cheetahs who were walking around the car and at a different plain, there were beautiful deers and zebras staring at us. As if we were interrupting breakfast. Me loved it. The zebra walked so close next to the car me thought that me would be able to touch him if me rolled down the window. Although the temptation is big, we all kept the windows shut and the doors closed by all times.

Me loved it. The next stop – because you can park the car for brief periods of time – was at the camel plain. Here some oxen, camels and horses live together in perfect harmony. The best thing was that they just minded their own businesses and every once in a while they threw a little glance inside the car at us. It was incredible.

After a drive through the habitats of reindeers, deers and some gorgeous birds, we arrived at the savannah where other zebras and giraffes roam. Me love giraffes. They are so tall and majestic. Two giraffes noticed our parked car and came really close. And me mean REALLY close! They started licking the car, eating leafs from the hood and looking inside. It was AWESOME! Me almost forgot to eat me cookie.

Well that concluded the car safari. Me was so in awe me really needed a cookie and some milk first before me could take in all the gorgeous wildlife me would see with the walk safari. But me will tell you all about that next week. Bye bye for now!

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