Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cookie on Safari: Crocodile Cookie

As promised after lasts week blog, this week part 2 of me visit at the Safaripark. After the Car Safari at Safaripark Beekse Bergen me went on a Walk Safari. Well… to be honest, me just hitched a piggy back ride on Berries back while she did all the walking. Let me tell you about some gorgeous things you can see during this long hike.

The Walk Safari starts at the big entrance of the Zoo. You can visit one chimp family, but it was cold so instead of roaming their islands, they were chillin inside. So we went to visit the lion family instead. Hey… these look familiar don’t they? Yes that is because first we drove by them and now we walked by them. Cool huh. That is exactly why this zoo is so cool. Also you could see other animal families that live along the trail of the Walk Safari but have relatives at the trail of the Car Safari, like the spotted dogs and some cheetahs.

The cheetahs alongside the Walk Safari were so cute! They were still little, so me think they knew me from Sesame Street – hey even baby cheetahs need a good bedtime story. Also very adorable were the meerkats, red panda and of course the gibbons. These are just a few of the animals you can see at the Walk Safari.

But there are also tough animals at this zoo you can only visit during the Walk Safari. Like the majestic tigers (this one showed me his teeth…) and their neighbours the hippo’s and crocodiles. Me wasn’t scared of the crocodiles at all. This one even let me ride on his back!

No! Me is kidding ofcourse. It is a statue. Children can duck underneath it and put their heads in its mouth. It is kinda funny. The Walk Safari is a long walk. Which is great. But after me was a little tired though, even when me was tagging along on Berries back… a well… It was all worth it. Well… that was it for now. Bye bye!

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