Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Magical lights at the zoo

On February 20 me went with Berry to Burgers Zoo a gorgeous zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands. We went there to visit the Sumatran tigertwins – they were so cute – and of course to observe all the other gorgeous animals living there. Berry was there to make a report about China Light. And although the rain was pouring it was so beautiful! Me even posed with some gorgeous lanterns. And Berry bought me a Fortune Cookie at the Chinese market. It was yummy.

China Light is a traveling exhibition of China made lanterns. At Burgers Zoo they had set a route you could follow. The path went through the whole zoo – although most animals already went to bed – you weren’t allowed to go into the habitats. Hey, me was okay with that. Me do not want other people in me bedroom too, you know. And there was a lot to see. Like penguins, polar bears, a 40 meter long dragon, flowers, butterflies and panda bears. And then me did not even mention the lion lanterns and the beautiful fish lanterns. It was amazing. Me loved the elephant too. Especially the one in the Bush – a rain forest habitat in a big greenhouse – because it was not raining inside. Well, me had a great time! It was so gorgeous to walk in the park in the dark with all this great lanterns.

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