Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sophisticated French Cookies

Remember me told you me have been to France for me vacation? No? Than you should follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because me drops some words and pictures on social media too. But back on topic: me have been on vacation to beautiful France. And ofcourse me have tried out the local cookie cuisine…

Yummy cakes
To start off me have been tasting a lot of yummy cakes and little pastries. Me had a very good apple pie, a delicious cream puff cake filled with strawberries and pudding and (see the picture above) a tasty fruit cup with pudding in a yummy crunchy crust. Me really loved it… a, me mouth is watering again…

Macaron cookies
Ofcourse me had to taste the macaron cookies too. Berry bought them at the Marché Gourmand – a market where you could buy food from the local farmers and cooks. It was so delicious. Nice panini’s, great tasting crepes and ofcourse COOKIES! These macarons were super yummy. Berry bought all different kinds of flavours. The best thing was, these macarons were all organic and gluten free. Om nom nom nom nom…

Cookies from Toulouse
Me made a roadtrip to the gorgeous city of Toulouse one day. There we found a tiny shop with all kinds of cookies, fudge, nougat and candy. It was a deli with handmade candies and cookies and stuff. It was good me was holding on to Berries back, because me really wanted to dive in for a big OM NOM NOM NOM NOM! through the whole store. But because me was such a good monster, Berry bought me this bag of sophisticated Chocolate Chip Cookies. So delicious. Me even managed to save a few to bring home.

Well, that is what me wanted to tell you about the France goodies. Me will blog soon about a gorgeous city called Albi!

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