Friday, July 25, 2014

K is for...

KOEKIE (cookie)! That good enough for me. Finally. Well… me is done with this letter. It is the best letter, cause K is like C in English. After koekje nothing else is important… Hey, me is not called Koekie Monster (Cookie Monster) for nothing…

O well. But only because me like me readers and there are more delicious Dutch words that start with the letter K. O boy me gonna have a field day with this letter!
(Koekie with a koekie)

Koekjes are yummy. Berry loves to have a koekje with her koffie (coffee). She loves kaneel (cinnamon) too. Did you know that is also delicious on a cookie? The Dutch put cinnamon in special cookie recipes and love to eat kaneelstok (cinnamon flavoured candy cane). It is an old Dutch treat.

Koffie / kaneel

Also very yummy is kandij (candy sugar). Jan Hagel cookies sometimes have kandij as a topping and some gingerbread (ontbijtkoek) too, it is called parel kandij (pearl candy) then. There are also special coffee cookies made with kandij. Some people like to use this sugar in the crystalized form as a substitute for normal white sugar in their coffee or tea. Also yummy is karamel (caramel). Sometimes you can eat it like fudge or they put it as a syrup form on coffee or ice cream sundae’s.

Kandij & parel kandij / karamel

A lovely Dutch dairy product is kwark (quark) The Dutch love to use it as the main ingredient of kwarktaart (cheesecake). Did you know they use crumbled cookies mixed with hot butter to make the base of the kwarktaart?

Kwark / kwarktaart met kiwi

Speaking of cheese, kaas (cheese) is a really Dutch food too. Just like the kroket (croquette). There is all kinds of cheese available, from Gouda to Old Amsterdam. The Dutch love their cheese. They even make kaaskoekjes (cheese cookies)! The kroket is a very special snackbar treat. It is a fried crunchy snack with soft, creamy ragout inside. Delicious with mustard or mayo on a sandwich or just like it is with some fries.

Kaas / kroket

You know what else goes well with fries? Fish! Especially baked or fried kabeljauw (cod). At the fish stand you can get these cod nuggets called kibbeling. They are very tasty!

Kabeljauw / kibbeling

And what about different kinds of liquorice that start with a K, like Kokindjes and Katjesdrop (cat shaped liquorice). Kat (cat) is also spelled with a K in Dutch.

Kokindjes / kat

Last but not least me need to get a little serious. Also starting with a K is klompen (wooden shoes). In spite of popular belief not all the Dutch people wear them. Farmers wear them a lot because the tough shoes are warm and protect their feet from the heavy farmers equipment. People do still dance on the shoes (klompendans) but more out of nostalgic and historical purposes than a trendy one. People who do wear wooden shoes often end up wearing the Swedish clogs. Another really Dutch word is Koningshuis (Royal house or family), just like the Koning and Koningin (King and Queen). The Dutch are very proud of their beautiful Royal family. Their portraits are everywhere, even on cookie jars.

Klompen / Koningshuis

Well me think this is the longest alphabet episode so far. Me hope you loved it as much as me did. Well… me deserve some cookies now… Until next time!


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