Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Cookie Report Earth Hour Challenge

Hi everybody! Me know it still is a while before it is here, but me wanted to prepare early for Earth Hour 2016. Last year me friend Berry challenged herself and wrote an original story and poem during this hour in the dark. If you can read Dutch you can find the story here: CoegiesKeevie.blogspot.nl. The poem or song lyric is in English though. She wrote it by hand by candlelight. Me watched in awe and it inspired me to do something me self this year. But me no can do this on me own, me need all me friends to participate!

About Earth Hour
In short Earth Hour is one hour per year that we turn off all the lights, light up some candles or go outside to participate in walks or light painting workshops (or anything else) and let the rest of the world know that we love Momma Earth and we will try to help her get healthy again. It is organised by WWF. It started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and now more than 7000 cities worldwide participate every year. You can read more about Earth Hour on the special website: EarthHour.org.

March 19 2016 8:30-9:30 pm local time
This year Earth Hour is organised on March 19. The hour starts at 8:30 pm your local time and ends at 9:30 pm. Because of all the different time zones the switching off and on of lights will ripple like a wave over the planet. Me is asking all me friends to participate in this wave too with a little challenge.

What me want to do, is to ask you – me Instagram, Twitter, Blog and Facebook friends – to post a picture of you, a pet or a plush friend with some candle light or other non-electrical light source (like sparklers) during Earth Hour 2016. Hashtag this picture with #CookieReportEarthHour and tag me in the picture. To show the world me and me friends love our Earth me want to post your picture here on me website, so the world can see you participated in me challenge.

You can send or post me the picture on
Instagram: @cookiemreport
Twitter: @Cookie_Report
or upload it on me Facebookpage: Facebook.com/CookieReport.
Please tag me in the picture and use the hashtag #CookieReportEarthHour. Also tell me from which country you are, so me can post the pictures in the proper order on me website.

Will you participate in me challenge?

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