Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dutch Sesame Street: Meet Purk

Hey there! You know Sesame Street is a real long street with streets in multiple countries. In The Netherlands it is called Sesamstraat and it has its own colourful neighbours. Me will tell you about me Dutch friends. In me last episode of the introduction round of Dutch Sesame Street neighbours, me would like to talk about Purk, a baby piglet that loves to cuddle, poop in her diaper and just be a naughty, cute, little baby. She is the youngest of the bunch, loves playing with Pino (because they are close in age together) and she often has a bow in her ear. (picture by The Muppet Workshop)

Purk came to the family, because a lot of kids get a younger sibling. Tommie and Ieniemienie being the oldest have to learn how to act around a baby. Pino loves cuddling with Purk and likes to help out when needed. Purk cannot walk yet, but she is a smart little piglet, already knowing a few words! She like to babble and she usually gets her way. Me think she is very cute.

Me like Purk and her friends. On Youtube you can watch Purk play with Tommie, Ieniemienie and Pino. Make sure to search for Pruk and Sesamstraat and enjoy Dutch Sesame Street!

Well… that concludes me blogs about the neighbours of the Dutch side of Sesame Street. Me sure hope you liked it!

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