Friday, November 07, 2014

Y is for…

… yoghurt! It is the same word in English as in Dutch, only the way you say it is different. Yoghurt is yummy and here in the Netherlands you can find a lot of different kinds of yoghurts. Fat yoghurt, skinny yoghurt, Greek style yoghurt, strawberry yoghurt, blueberry yoghurt or mixed with other fruits. Even with chocolate sprinkles! Yoghurt is often eaten with breakfast cereals, fresh fruits for dessert, with a little sugar or plain as an extra portion of dairy during the lunch. Also yummy is yoghurt ijs (frozen yoghurt) with pieces of fruit or other toppings. (Above: yoghurt)

Are there more important words with an Y? Nope, not that me can think of. It was a short one this week, but next week me will tell everything about the letter Z! And o boy, o boy that will be an awesome conclusion of my Dutch alphabet. Until next week!

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