Sunday, April 06, 2014

Calling ALL Cookie Crumbs

Hello my sweet Friends on the internet. Me wants to know: do you have any questions about The Netherlands? Do they all walk on wooden shoes? Does every home has tulips in backyard? Or maybe you want to know more about windmills, eco bridges and Dutch treats. Than Me needs YOU! Tell me all about what you want to know about the Netherlands (and me no want to talk about politics and me loooves it when we all keep it polite) and if me thinks it is Cookie Friendly me will talk about it.

So... put your questions in the comment box below - me moderates all comments, so keep it polite and put in your name, so me can answer you directly. And if you are from The Netherlands, you can send in topics too. Me would love to put my spin on your everyday thing. And who knows. Maybe me will talk about your topic or question in one of me blogs soon!

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