Saturday, August 08, 2009

Loving the show!

Me loves the Dolphinshow at Dolfinarium Harderwijk. And me is going to talk about the dolphins today.

Did you know dolphins come in a wide variety? There are many different species. From black and white coloured ones to the well-known bottlenoses.

At the Dolfinarium there are lots and lots of bottlenose Dolphins. They do all kinds of high jumps, rocketing there trainers through the air and playing with bright coloured balls.

Me loves the dolphins. Me have seen lots of shows lately. And you know what awes me the most? That the shows are different every time you come to watch. So... it is a surprise what the beautiful mammels are up to now!

Me like there diet too. It exists of only fish. So all the fries, cookies and pancakes that are served in the park are just for me... cause you know, dolphins don't like all that stuff!

Well... till next time!

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