Sunday, October 16, 2005

Petting Sharks

Friday, me went to Dolfinarium Harderwijk again. All day it was misty but when me, Berry and Keevie drove into Harderwijk, the sun started to shine! As always when we visit the dolphins!

Today, me haven't petted any sharks. But me promised to talk about it in my next report. And you always have to keep your promise!

At Dolfinarium Harderwijk you can pet the sharks and rays in the raybay. The rays are a bit slimey or raspy, but me don't mind, cause they are very soft too! And beautiful. The small sharks are actually very cute. Berry is afraid of sharks, but she overcome a bit of her fear and is a bit obessesed by petting the biggist shark in the bay. Me think it is because she wants to show she is not scared. But me know better!

The best way to pet a shark (or ray) is by sticking you hand in the water. Don't wiggle your fingers: the shark may think it is cookie! Just hold your hand still and wait for the shark to come to you. When shark comes, don't poke his eyes of grab its fins or body. He won't like that. Just let him swim past your hand. Now you can pet shark by brushing your hand against his skin!

Next time in Cookie Report about Dolfinarium Harderwijk, me will talk about Beachie, our big Dolphinfriend!

Bye bye for now!

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